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.p. ceo tony hayward is out. a senior u.s. govement ofcial says hayward is being replaced by possibly the managing directly, dudly. hayward angered gulf coast residents after saying he wanted his life back in the weeks following the oil rig explosion. have more. >> no one who wants this thing over more than i do. i want my life back. >> reporter: he may be close to getting his wish. the an an is reporting he will be ousted this week. b.p. has denied the report. it's welcome news for frusated louisiana locals. >> we need to get our way of life back. our life back, as he wanted. and the only way we're going to do that if with somebody on the ground that has the common-sense approach, at can make decisions quickly. >> reporr: work on drilling a relief well has resumed less than a day after tropical storm bonnie ble through. rered admiral thad allen said they may by able to kill the well in a week. >> the opt -- optimum outcome is to proceed with. >> the archbishop urging parishioners not to lose hope. >> the future is uncertn but god it your 0, -- rock, and he will never abandon you. >>
including throughout campuses throughout the u.s.>> there is a passion for anyo that believes in the bible. >> he started it in 2006. >> we have received from israel, the word of god, the patriarchsthe prophets of the old testament. we have received mary, joseph, and jesus. >> cufi is the largest the united states. the summit attracted several proisrael lawmakers and tough words for the obama administration from both sides of the aisle regarding israel. >> this administration has become the most antiisrael administration in american history. >> when the administration seized every opportunity to criticize israel for building apartments for its people in the undisputed neighborhoods in east jerusalem creating a crisis uncessary, unwise, and bad for israel, i spoke out and condemned the actions of the administration. >> reception different for israeli prime nister, benjamin netanyahu. he appearedvia satellite while michael oren high lighted the global growth of antisemitism. it wrapped up on thursday with delegates heading to capitol hill on behalf of israel. >> erick stakelbeck joins us no
. >> that was teresa garcia reporting. >> u.s. education department named california one of 19 finalists in the second round of competition to reform schools. it offers $3 billion in grants. california got nothing in the first round. it since made new commitments to improve strugglg schools and improve the gap. obama administration has been fighting for teacher pay and for teacher nure and expand charter schools. >> gubernatorial candidate meg whitman is locked in a tight battle with the governor but they are asking about her future plans. >> if you win at the november you are at the top of the republican party. ever thought about running for the white use? >> no. i am here to run california. i want to fix california. where california goes does the country. >> the former ceo appeared on "good morning ameca" today. she says the focus is helping california out of the recession. state's unemployment rate is 12.3%. she has spent $90 million and mostf it was her own money. she faces jerry brown in the general election. if brown wins in november it would be the third time elected to the sta's top post. >> a
cultivation. >> all that debate may be moot. if the federal government decides to step in and the u.s. supre court ruled five years ago that local and sta laws are changing. federal law is still federal law. >>> the suspect involved a gun battle with chp on interstate 580 is expected to enter a plea to attempted murder charges in court in the next coue of hours. meantime, police say theyheir confrontation with byron will qams may have prevented a bigger problem and they know who he was targetin >> this morning, byron williams has yet to take the stand and enter a ea. a sheriff's deputy to me they still have to interview him and try to of before the judge as quickly as possible. he has medical issues. those e the gunshot wounds he suffered during the mass shootout. >> you can hear some of the shots from the intense 12 minute gun battle that took place between chp officers early sunday morning on 580 in oakland. the suspect byron williams has told investigators he hoped to start a receiver lies by traveling to san francisco and killing people of importance at the aclu and tides foundatio that
in america. >> i could be in the states if i want. i'm a permane resident of the u.s. i can live there. if i want to. but god called me to be here. his school grown from 65 studts to 1400 and 500 of those arhere on scholarship. since losing family to the earthquake in port-au-prince much there is no free education in haiti. >> someone told me it doesn't cost anything. >> a dream came true in 2005 he brought electr to the school and pignon for the first time. thanks to a generator donald trump donateded to him he has 600 customers in the city. >> eve month we put a meter and receive a bill. >> his brightest lights are his students pignon's future. he is at work turning his old home to orphanage to care for the children who have been left without family. one village at a time we can change our country. one person at a time we change our school. one famil at a time we can change the community that is the opportunity in front of us and that's what -- that's the drive force to stay her and continue the lord work here. >> 2 brotrs determined to make a differencat home. cbn news, pignon, hait
of inventor tags cld eventually be used in all 3700 u.s. wal-mart stores. >> apple says the white version of the iphone 4 will not be available until later this year. they origilly said the phon would be available in late july. the compansays the white gadgets have been more difcult to manufacturer. black models are not affected. meantime, they refund customers automacally for buying the iphone 4 bumper caseess. it announced it will give away free bumper case and refund to those that already bought the case. >> well, when we come back, friday's perfect pet. kristine hanson will introduce us to a couple ♪ hey, at&t verse tv? yeah, it our new tv service. every day thousands of customers across the nation are switching at&t u-verse. [ female announcer ] visit a store today. hurry and take advange of our summer sale on u-verse tv. just $29 a month for simonths. plus for a lited time, gea 30-day money-back guarantee, and a dvr is included. yeah, and u-verse tv lets you recd up to four shows fromny room on a single dvr and play them backn -- any -- tv. and multiview, which ts you follow four
] see it. believe it. u-verse tv. >>> u.s. embassy says two americans were among 152 people that were killed in a plane crash. the plane was flying to islamabad. it was attempting to land. twisted metal wreckage were found in trees and scattered. officials are having trouble extinguishing e flames by helicopter. they haven't said what caused the crash but they are saying bad weather appears to be a factor. >>> today marks the 100 day since bp's well exploded. the blast killed eleven people and triggered the spill that has dumped 180 million barrels into the gulf. large portions of the gulf remain closed months after the fishing and those dependent to make a living claim they haven't found any oil. >> a federal investigation team is now gathering in new orlean to gain de ranging criminal probe of the disaster. it will focus on at least three companies and examine whether the relations with federal regulators contributed to the explosion. meantime, an effort to kill the damaged well is expected to begin on monday. crews will perform what is called a static kill, with mud and cement and
to a universityn the u.s. they're the most amazing. >> reporter: they are justbout to complete the two-year degree. both are majoring in computer engiering. >> we take all the same claes. >> reporter: they both have a 4.0rade point average. garcia is this year's valedictorian. >> yea he's more eloquent. >> reporter: now they're transr to go a four-year college. they've already been accepted to several univeities. >> so f ucla, uc berkeley, santa clar university and others. >> reporter: and they are waiting to hear from some of the private ones. >> stanford, brown, and others >> reporter: tuition will be possible thanks to the jack kent cook undergraduate transfer scholarsh. >> it's prestigious, the richest scholarip for community college students. you can only nomate two students a year. so the fact that we nominated two students and we won both of them is tremendous. >> reporter: and only 50 students from across the nation end of getting one of these scholarships. the recipients are awardedp to $30,000 a year to finish college. they've already agreed to attend e same university regardless of who
, logistics. it poses a vel pote. >> repor the most damning ren paki ju wyton called pr. u.s. gives th $1 billionkistan to ght terroris atches some strong details an's m ingency, the isfghan insurgencyrican troops in ano o he cia's c terror t religious scho pakistdi 95%f suicide. cia tng il. every forme chief visit one th sc e is ail abths 2007. five launched ckets des ad whbelieved a senior -qaeda comma s forceves to find sev killed by the and nol-qaeda r. ere is a strong e rea the secret port not toe ion wi any one outsid states sayirocket strike m t e of the moominous ports sayse taliban m hotu.s. copter in 2007 a ed martha radda new r months, san basedazine has been reporting specia bradl manning. kevin poolss to e-mails alon with sacramento computer ha confi later turned man to the pentagon thhe sto marktthews. >>> kee didnlieve it w openls from mannin mann readily t he was stealing class n on the warraq cluding report forcesocent descris th cris con for he beg tve steaof gd
there is a and in and three week back order in the u.s. steve told me that a nine week back order in germany. he is saying that may be too much is blown out of proportion here. live in san francisco, teresa garcia, "abc 7 news." >>> it's an historic vote, still ahead the first latin american country in histo to legalize same-sex marriage. but first, an education emergey, the draft that the state of california is takinto get student out of under performing schools. >>> later today the california state board of education is expected to start an emergency in 1,000 schools. students are csidered to be at risk of, quote, serious harm to health and safety or general welfare. it could make a new law to help students at troubled schools to high performing schools. pta will challenge th emergency declaration in a meeting today. theyall it alarm effort and it doesn't give paren time to understand what that emergency declaration means. >> bp has resumed testing of a new cap that could slow or even stop the oil gushing from its well in the gulf of mexico. thesere live picturesf the well that is still something lots o
.i.v. they're less likely to infect others. a joint study by the canadian and u.s. governments found new infections plummeted in canada when more people went on aids ugs. new inftions dropped by 3% for every 100 people with h.i.v. who started taking the drug combinations. the results are published in the british medical journal. >> alan: thousands of people raed millions of dollars in the aids walk. >> carolyn: d changes ahead in our weather. igh glase will tell us about it. were prese i want you to >> carolyn: a new addition for the city osan francisco, something most other major cities already have, an antiques flea market. the antiques fair took place in the parking lot at candlestick point. they have a contract to run the market the third sunday of every month for a year. the city will rent space to the smaller markethich takes pla on sundays. >> alan: some great wther, and leigh will tell us more. >> leigh: we're going to cool down. those of you in antioch, pittsburg, temperatures in the 90s. even 100 degrees. some nice cooling expected this work week. this is a shot from the high d
kagan as the fourth u.s. justice for supreme court. most republicans voted no saying kagan put her political views ahead of the law and she lacked experience. president obama called the vote a bipartisan affirmation of her strong performance in confirmation hearis. it sends the nominion on to the full senate where she is expectedo be confirmed as early as next week to succeed john paul stevens. >> lindsay lohan started her 90-day jail sentence today. she arrived at a beverly hills courtroom ten minutes late to turn herself in. a judge found she had violated the terms of her probation for 2007 drug case. lohan will serve her sentence at a facility outside of los angeles where other celebrities have done time. >> the jail sentence ll be similar to where paris hilton went. she will have very sanitary living conditions. >> but obably not living conditions she is used to. she will be required to spend three months rehab and be monitored by a prosecute base officer after her release. >> she will be kept from the separa inmat. lisa argen is in nor mike nicco. >> we have clring in the sout
with militant groups including the taliban >> the government of the pakistan and u.s. are coming the release of the reports. the white house says it can put the lives of americans at risk and threaten our national security. >> whenever you have the potential for names and for operations and for programs to be out theren the public domain, bedes being against the law has t potential of being very harmful. >> they believe they got it from this man, had he is now in jail in kuwait. a computer hacker in northern california admits he turned manning in out of fear that the reports could lead to american deaths. >> this could not result to both security and actual real life people. >> wiki leaks is the website we're talkin about. pakistani diplomats say they are outdated and don't reflect reality on the ground. >> afghanistan's president is condemning a rocket attack that killed 52 civilians. it happened last friday. hamid karzai says they determined the dead included women and children. nato spokesman says initial reports didn't coirm any civilian casualties. >> concord police are stepping up patr
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areilarities. >>inve not owhy a car in is afternoo it 3:30 thee u.s. minnd second. witn the car speedingblew ugh a stop sign can see r there e saw c ayed oher hlereoue w dyl 911 andor d a ced up hind me. >> n ther inju her leg. > e rect th school board' io annnced ping do aayl. thee. y catabaageag o nearly 00,0 a mis of corpatd. ces asre rs and pr l eta from nannette the ecuti director ofifornia scho associion. >> reportekin ld me he though be the end his caer. hisn it cd usecently b publicrcing the schoo assoatio t hindll cordg made $he5 hool xt yr he . gav him $ bonuin b his tal to mhan 4000 yr. plcra this he di't rai to rte sta a de recognize me one-time performance sineasen nu ords witrew more0n 008. >> the aware of d i' su wt u. eporr:riti bones apoprie at time scols are hurt scts more in es tresent their intere i sacramen money going t vedssrooms. wheyot you are ry u wow,o we are the sch wn b yys el be able l of the rich famous. >> reporter:ar csba filed lawsuit a s
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